The Blockbuster Health is a health book written by Dr Sharad Kulkarni. The Blockbuster Health is split into two volumes. The first volume includes dietary aspects, and the second volume is about lifestyle and health.

“One can be wealthy in a single day,
but needs to be healthy every day.” – Dr Sharad Kulkarni

The Blockbuster Health

This is the first volume of The blockbuster health and this volume deals with diet and health in general. The author has carefully explained complex concepts. He has shared the benefits and sources of proteins, minerals and each vitamin.

“Work on your health and it will work everywhere.” – Dr Sharad Kulkarni

We all know for a fact that water is essential to sustain human life. The author instils the seriousness of staying hydrated. Here are few benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

  • Drinking water on an empty stomach ups metabolism by at least 24%.
  • It is believed that drinking half a litre of water on an empty stomach improves blood flow in the body, giving a glowing skin.
  • A good amount of water intake has significant and proven benefits in preventing recurrent headaches.

Dr Sharad Kulkarni has stated the harmful effects of packed juices, and that was a huge wake-up call for me. The 3-hour rule was something everyone should follow in their lives. This book will serve as a guide for those looking for a diet as per their desires say weight loss, weight gain or lowering cholesterol.

The author has covered what to eat and avoid when we get affected by various allergies and diseases. He has shared valuable tips in between each concept. The author has also included his personal experiences with his patients and the solutions he offered to them. The concept of classifying humans based on their behaviour and connecting them to their food preferences was very intriguing.

Few tips mentioned in the book:-

  1. Intake of water with a pinch of sugar is a relaxant, gives instant strength.
  2. Intake of water mixed with jaggery reduces body heat.
  3. A pinch of ginger plus black salt before every meal helps indigestion.
  4. Soak a fist full of raisins overnight. Consume it in the morning and say goodbye to constipation.

Just like books, coffee is one thing I cannot live without. The blockbuster health included the history of coffee, benefits as well as harmful effects of excessive coffee intakes. Not just coffee, the author has written about beverages like tea, other varieties of tea, turmeric latte, detox water. My favourite part was reading about the best anti-ageing foods.

“Graceful ageing demands discipline in eating and being!” – Dr Sharad Kulkarni

The blockbuster health states the importance of eating on time. Personally, this book made me feel guilty about my eating habits and that shows the success of this book. The language used is simple and easy to understand. The mindset while we cook or eat matters so much, and therefore our mind plays a major role in our physical health.

With a pressuring work life, we tend to take our body and health for granted. Prioritising our health above anything and everything is a definite takeaway from this book. The blockbuster health is a very informative and a life-changing book. I highly recommend the blockbuster health for everyone.

I would rate this book 5/5 ⭐️

About the author –

Dr Sharad Kulkarni, an Ayurveda doctor by profession. His major focus is on diet and lifestyle which according to him can uplift the quality of life immensely. He is also a Health coach/advisor. His mission is to digitalise Ayurveda-Yoga to promote global wellness. Dr Sharad, who has won several awards, is the founder of Jeevottama Health and Wellness Clinic at Bengaluru.

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