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Caitlyn Sullivan, who is a part of the huge star family – the Sullivan clan- is just nine when a game of hide and seek takes an ugly turn, changing her life forever. Through the years, she comes to realize that she must return to that fateful place to face her demons and make peace with it.

Will Cate be able to confront her demons? Will she ever get closure? Is she safe or is she unaware of a looming trouble?


“If love isn’t stronger than pride, it isn’t love.”

― Nora Roberts, Hideaway


With the title and the book cover, I thought I was in for a thriller treat. However, I felt this book to be monotonous and a bit anti-climactic. It gives an inside scoop of a star’s life and how she navigates through it, all the while suffering from her past trauma.

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It took a long time for the narration to come to the present, and when it did, the story fell flat. I cannot think of one moment in the entire book where the story stood out to me. The book had potential, and I cannot believe it went the way it did. Nora Roberts has thrown in a few subplots just to stretch out the story.

The multiple third point of views in the book was unnecessary and did not contribute to the character development in any way. The emotional turmoil the main lead felt did not manage to get through to me.


“Life’s marked along the way, darlin’, by the deeds we do, for good or ill. Those we leave behind judge those marks, and remember.”

― Nora Roberts, Hideaway


One of the few things I liked about the book is how the big Sullivan family is kind and likable. Their interactions are heart-warming. The love story between the lead characters was cute and wholesome, though it seemed like an obvious thing to happen in the book.


Apart from that, to be honest, I felt a bit disappointed with the overall story as the 534-pages content could very well be shrunk to maybe 350 pages.


“When in uncharted territory, he thought, take one careful step at a time.”

― Nora Roberts, Hideaway



Have you got a chance to read this? If yes, please tell me how you felt about it. Maybe I am the only one who felt this way. I would rate this book a 2.5/5


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