A sum of our choices

A sum of our choices is a fast-moving corporate thriller with a tinge of mysticism and wisdom. We follow the life of Ashutosh, a business tycoon who is obsessed with earning profits. He considers only his hard work and determination had got him this lavish lifestyle. He pays no mind to other important factors like service to others, love, destiny and luck.  

Just when he is at the top of his career, he finds himself in an unfortunate situation. The tables have turned, Ashutosh Paranjpe finds himself as the target of a career-ending investigation. He should play the right cards and prove that he is not guilty.  

Will Ashutosh learn that destiny manifests, and Karma remembers? 

To know more, read A sum of our choices by Chaitanya Salvi


My thoughts about ‘A sum of our choices’ by Chaitanya Salvi.  

First off, the title of the book is very meaningful and gives a good impression of the book. Although the plot of this story is quite predictable, I loved the key takeaway from this novel.  

The language used is simple and easy to understand. The author has adopted a conversational writing style and that added a personal touch.  

‘A sum of our choices’ by Chaitanya Salvi is split into four parts. Each time I entered into a new part, I felt I was entering into a new phase of the story. The whole plot revolves around the main character, Ashutosh Paranjpe. 

Ashutosh is not a likeable protagonist. The plot is used to develop the character and spread a good message. As we travel through the timeline of Ashutosh, we learn about his back story and that supports his flawed character. The author has beautifully challenged the main character with the worst-case scenarios and made the latter half of the book very interesting. I felt there were a few unwanted fillers towards the end.  

“Love never ends. You never forget the people you’d loved devotedly. Their memory stays with you, in your heart, for as long as you are alive.” – Chaitanya Salvi, A sum of our choices.

I enjoyed reading the part where Ashutosh meets the love of his life, Tanvi. It was a funny and cute encounter. The plot twist towards the end is sure to offer an extra shock to the readers. All the other characters were also well developed.

The main message is well written. We should keep in mind that the different choices we make will always affect the future consequences. We should be mindful of our decisions and make sure it does not harm anyone else. 

“Every decision we make, bends our life in a particular direction, for better or worse. So choose your Karma wisely.” – Chaitanya Salvi, A sum of our choices.

The entire book was like a speed date, as it was fast-paced yet enjoyable! You can read this book in a sitting or two. I recommend A sum of our choices to all book lovers and beginners. Happy reading!

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Get your copy – https://www.amazon.in/Sum-Our-Choices-Chaitanya-Salvi/dp/B092DK1VKX

About the author –

Chaitanya Salvi is passionate about writing and enjoys writing in the existential fiction genre of literature. He believes that writing stories give him purpose and peace. ‘A sum of our choices’ is his third novel. The concepts of destiny and Karma have always intrigued him, and he has woven his latest story with the threads of this philosophy. He graduated as a Bachelor of Engineer. His debut novel ‘Karaar’ was written in the Marathi language and was published in 2016. The second novel, The return journey, which he wrote in the English language, was published in 2019.

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