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Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, living amidst the mountains. She gets these vivid dreams and nightmares that she paints it out to understand them better. She keeps getting a recurring vision that ultimately makes her drawn to the Greek island of Corfu.

Within hours of her arrival at the island, she meets Bran Killian –  an Irish magician with secrets. Sasha has seen this man in her dreams. She has painted his face too many times. She wants to now understand the meaning behind her visions and dreams, and the fate she is destined to.

Sasha soon discovers the four other people from her dreams have found their way to this island. Each has a secret of their own and they are all destined to work together as a team of six to search for the mysterious jewel known as the five star – before it falls into the wrong hands.

They might just succeed but first they must learn to trust one another and reveal their deepest secrets.

What hurdles will these six face on their quest? Will they find the jewel before it is too late?

“To crave forever is to dismiss the beauty and wonder of the cycle.”

– Nora Roberts, Stars of Fortune

When I first got my hands on this book, I was really excited as the blurb got me thinking of a million ways the plot could unfold.

But unfortunately, things always don’t turn out good let alone great. One line review is that I am disappointed with this book.

This is my first time reading her work and I am kind of sad that it didn’t work out between me and this author. There was no spark; there was no love at first read – nothing.

I really loved the beginning, Sasha and her solitude amidst the mountains was such a good start.

And… just goes downhill from there.

“When the moon wanes, the darkness eats it. Bite by bite.”

– Nora Roberts, Stars of Fortune

I can very well understand that this is a fantasy fiction and that there is no question of reality in such genre. But nonetheless, how does fate bring six attractive looking rich people together for a quest against evil?

The plot of this book is good vs evil – the basic fantasy one liner. But with that there could have been other elements to lift the plot but no.

If the book had only the original main plot minus all the unnecessary clichéd romance, the book would have only about a hundred and fifty pages.

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Six people – three men and three women find themselves attracted to each other and boom – three couples are formed. If this isn’t cliché, I don’t know what it is.

There are a lot of filler pages – one of which is unnecessary detailing of the everyday meals. The prep, the setting of the table, the wine was all mentioned a lot more than the seriousness of the situation the characters were in.

This plot made me think of a Disney movie, yes, that is what it made me think of – minus all the adult scenes.

The chemistry between Bran and Sasha was not believable at all. How can you fall for someone that quick amidst the grave danger that they are in?

I also felt that the story kept projecting that the situation at hand was a serious one but the characters made it seem like they were on a vacation and not a lot fazed by the danger.

The magnitude of the danger was not well written and hence it could not be felt by the readers as well.

The secrets of each character could have been more deep but it was just another surface secret that didn’t faze the reader.

This is book one of The Guardians Trilogy and I will not be continuing the series. My journey started and finished with book one itself.

This is my honest and unbiased review of this book. I would rate this book a 2 out of 5.

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