To All The Boys I Loved Before Book Review-

Lara Jean Song Covey lives with her Dad and her two sisters ,Margot and Katherine. Their mother passed away when they were small. 

Lara jean is the middle Song girl , she is an introvert , cute in a quirky way, 16 year old.  She writes love letters to the boys she has an intense crush on.

She pours out her feelings, addresses and seals it but never sends them out. She hides the letters in a green teal box that her mother gave her. There are five letters in total. She does this as a way of getting over them, more like a good bye love letter. No one knows about this except her, she considers these letters as her prized possession. 

Margot is the eldest one, who is an outgoing, super responsible person .Margot always puts her sisters first before herself. She is dating Josh , their neighbour. Josh is more like family than a  neighbour. He is one of the guys who Lara Jean secretly crushed on , even before Margot and Josh got together. She erased her feelings for him ever since he became sister’s boyfriend. Katherine , is 9 years old, she is Kitty for those who know her well.

Margot is going to Scotland for her college, which makes Lara Jean the eldest in the house and she has to take charge now. Things get worse between Margot and Joshua as she leaves to college. Josh is left heartbroken.

Lara Jean is not confident at driving. With Margot at Scotland, she has to get used to driving alone, and the very first time she drives, she meets with an accident. Peter kavinsky who happens to pass by helps her. They aren’t friends now, Peter K is one of the guys she used to love. He is Lara Jean’s first kiss and one of the handsome boys at school. 

Lara Jean loves new beginnings, it’s her first day in junior year. On the very first day something strange happens. Peter K talks to her about a letter he received from her and how he doesn’t feel the same way about it.

Things get crazy when she finds out all the letters she wrote got sent to the guys by someone else. Her secrets are all out now. Now this includes Josh too.To save face, she fakes about being in a relationship with one of the guys who got the letter. That puts Lara jean into much more drama.  

Who sent the letters in the first place? How will Lara jean find her way out of this mess ?


“Love is scary it changes; it can go away. That’s the part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”
– Jenny Han , To all the boys I loved before

After a long reading slump, I picked this book and Yay I loved it. I finished the book at a stretch. It was super gripping cute and funny.To all the boys I loved before is a light read and the humour is very good. 

I enjoyed the sisterhood shown in the book, how they always have their back for each other. It was really amazing to read how as a single Dad, Mr Covey tried to give his best for his daughters. There were quite a few positive  messages to take from this book. Peter Kavinsky is a real heartthrob. I loved his bond with Kitty. Personally, I didn’t like Josh and Margot. I felt Margot didn’t appreciate Lara enough. 

The time and distance created a rough patch between the sisters but they made up in the end which was very beautiful.

Jenny Han is an American author, best known for writing The summer I turned pretty trilogy and to all the boys trilogy.To all the boys trilogy is being adapted into a movie starring Lana Condor as Lara Jean and Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky.

Overall this book is 4 on 5. I cannot wait to read the next two books


TITLE – To All The Boys I Loved Before

GENRE – Young Adult Fictiom


AUTHOR – Jenny Han




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