2020 is finally coming to an end. This year has been like walking sliding on thin ice, constantly cautious and wary of the ice giving in. I have read a lot more books than I had originally planned. Out of the entire lot, I have made a list of my top 3 reads.

top 3 reads of 2020

Here is the list of my top 3 reads of 2020.
  1. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
  2. Stalker by Lars Kepler
  3. The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn

1. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer




When Edward met Bella in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. We have only heard of Bella’s perspective until now. After nearly fifteen years, we can finally get to know Edward’s perspective in the long-awaited Midnight Sun.

I absolutely love this book so much.

You might think I am biased since I already like the series. But, no. I love this book so much more than Bella’s perspective.

Twilight now seems like an average when compared to Midnight Sun.

When we only had Bella’s side of the story, we didn’t know what we were missing out on. When I had read twilight, I had often wondered what Edward would be doing at the moment. I wondered about his thoughts, his family, and just his everyday life as a vampire.

Even though twilight was not up to the mark story-wise, Edward’s perspective is something much better and something that fans would love to look forward to.

This book left me happy and sad at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this one and I don’t think I would ever get over my crush on Edward.

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2. Stalker by Lars Kepler



Stockholm’s National Crime Investigation Department receive a video clip of a woman in her own home, completely unaware of being filmed. The police don’t take it seriously until she is found murdered.

When the next video arrives, Detective Margot Silverman frantically attempts to identify the victim. But it is too late as the victim is already dead.

Stockholm is in the grip of terror. Someone is stalking these women and sends the police a video clip as a mockery before killing the victims in a gruesome way.

Who is the stalker’s next target?

It has been so long since I read a book worthy of a 5-star rating. The book is 585 pages long and honestly, I can’t even complain about it.

I’m sure that those who have read this book had a hard time sleeping for a few days. Just the very thought of being stalked when you’re completely unaware is so scary and creepy.

I would say that I have become a bit paranoid about my surroundings after this book. Because you never know. We cannot be aware of our surroundings all the time.

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3. The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn


the woman in the window


Anna Fox has not left her home for ten months now. She has been living alone in her New York apartment, too scared to step outside. The only connection she has to the real world is through her windows. Anna sits by her window every day and watches her neighbors doing their everyday activities. When the Russells move into the neighborhood, she is instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family of three, reminding her of what she once had.

One evening, when Anna is through her pills and too many glasses of merlot, she hears a frenzied scream from across her home. She witnesses something through her kitchen window, something no one was supposed to see. She has to uncover the truth about what had really happened.

But even if she does, will anyone believe her? Given her medical conditions and her drinking problem, can she even trust herself?

Usually, in thriller novels, the endings are mostly what I anticipate. This book, however, had so many twists and turns that the ending was totally unexpected, which made me appreciate the book even more.

To be honest, I never knew about Agoraphobia before which is the medical condition that the protagonist suffers from. This book made me learn about it more and I’m glad to know about it now.

This was the first time I read A. J. Finn‘s work and it happens to be his debut book. I am more than happy to check out his future projects.

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