You’re the one that I want book review

Matt Anderson and Sarah Agnoli meet each other when they are on an European Speed date tour with their mothers and other elderly tourists. Fresh out of a divorce, Sarah still can’t get over her cheating ex- husband. Matt is a businessman who is too busy for romance. These two begin a fake relationship posting pictures of themselves together on Facebook, as Sarah tries to make her ex-husband jealous. But soon they find themselves falling for each other. They go through many ups and downs looking at their not-so-promising future and they try to make it work before its too late.


In my opinion, this book was enjoyable. The book was fast paced. Two chapters in and we are already inside the main plot. The number of characters mentioned in this book is very few. Sarah is a chirpy, outgoing, optimistic primary school teacher from England. Matt is this computer geek from Nashville who lacks social skills and has no time to spend with his mother. The author shows the contrast in their characters very well. The narration of the story switches between Matt and Sarah. From the beginning, we see Sarah as a struggling middle class woman who had moved in with her mother after the divorce. They find happiness in little things. They win the tickets to a holiday of their choice and they choose the European Speed Date. Matt on the other hand is this rich businessman who doesn’t have time for his personal life. His mother demands that he should take her on an European Speed date as her retirement gift. Unable to refuse, he agrees to the holiday. As much as these two love their mothers, it was a pleasant surprise to discover someone else close to their own age on the tour. Since these two main characters meet on a European Speed Date, we get to experience the backdrop of different countries. When theses two come to an agreement on the fake relationship, their mothers are not very happy about it but later on as the story goes, they start match-making them with each other. Overall, This book is a pleasant read of a holiday romance between two people from different countries.


“Before he could arrive and cause a fuss about their seating arrangements she hurried back to her seat and settled in by the window. Sarah kept a close watch on the main door of the hotel and at the last minute Matt sprinted out to the bus, apologizing profusely to Kayley as he leapt up the steps. She peered over the top of her guide book in time to see his gaze sweep over their mothers and on her. She pretended to be engrossed and Matt’s features settled into a grim smile as he made his way down the aisle towards her.”

-Angela Britnell, You’re the one that I want.


I felt that the story was weak in the area of introducing Sarah’s family but never really developing that part later into the story. Apart from that, this book was like the kind where you could enjoy it on a sunny afternoon in your garden. This book can be read in one sitting. It is a light-hearted book that shows how two very unlikely people come together. The coach trip itself gives quick tourist insights into each of these stops. Europe was portrayed beautifully throughout the story. The entire book was like a speed date, as It was very fast paced yet enjoyable.

“Alpine valleys reminding her of The Sound of Music, picturesque castles and the soaring Dolomite Mountains all imprinted themselves on her memory”

-Angela Britnell, You’re the one that I want.


TITLE: You’re the one that I want

AUTHOR: Angela Britnell


GENRE: Fiction/Contemporary Romance


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