Sakthi (The Chosen Hexad Book 1)

by Vignesh SV

Book Review




Sakthi is the only daughter of Devaguna, the tribe leader of Thevas. While Devaguna worried that he had no son to take over his leadership, Sakthi wanted to prove to her father and the tribe that she was no less than a man.

She was exceptionally brave and determined. She wanted to become the first woman tribe leader. She wanted to show that women are capable of leadership.

When Sakthi showed her abilities to the entire tribe, it dawned on Devaguna that she was indeed one of the Chosen Hexad – a prophecy that calls for six members to fight the greater evil as said by the Oracle.

Sakthi now has a greater cause. She is teleported to the land of surprises, where the other three chosen Hexad are present. She meets new people, learns about magic, gets trained in combat, spells, and magic.

She has to get ready for the great war against evil. Can Sakthi cope up with this huge sudden responsibility given to her?



The book is divided into seven parts – Identity, Summoning, Know-How, Out-Turn, Battle Zone, Wizardry, Scathe.

I loved the introduction. It was really good and it set the tone of the book.

Among the seven parts, my favorite was the “Out-Turn”.

At the beginning of the book, the author had penned a note to the readers asking to have no premonition or preconceived concepts in mind relating to the characters. With that in mind, characters such as Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Bhrama made sense.

Personally, I thought that the narration was a bit rushed. And when I say that, I don’t mean that the story was fast-paced. I mean that the scenes were rushed without much elaboration. We did not get time to get familiar with the characters.

We got to know a little about Sakthi and her friend Kalai. The dynamic between the protagonist and her tribe was really short. We got an overload of information in the narration and we then moved on to the next part.

I did not enjoy the “know-how” part as much as I enjoyed the other parts. This is the part where Sakthi gets trained by Lord Shiva. Once again, I felt like it was an overload through narration. I wished there was less narration and that more time was given to each scene.

On one page almost three to four scenes were covered through narration and I felt it was rushed.

After that part, however, the story progressed and it became much better.

The last part of the book “scathe” elevated the story to a whole new level. It gave us a new perception of science and it was refreshing.

The book ended with a cliff hanger. Even though cliff hangers can be frustrating, this book had the perfect cliff hanger making the readers want to read the next book of the series.

The author tried to tell us an entire story in 216 pages. I wished he had taken more time with each scene. I wished he had given us more.

I wished I liked this book more. I really do. Since it is a series book, I can only expect the second book to be much better than this. I would definitely read the following books in the series.

I would rate this book 3 on 5. This is my honest and unbiased review.

About the author:

His debut novel ‘Adventures of Dollar Right’ was published by Authorspress in 2016. His second novel ‘Rebirth of Love in 2060’ was published by Creative Coach in 2017.

He had been recognized as ‘One of the top 100 inspiring authors of India’ in 2018 by Indian Awaz.


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