Reading books Versus E-reading – Which is better?


ebook vs book




Reading books


Which one is better?

People’s choice

Pros and cons

Which improves skills?


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I am Padmavathy Jaiganesh. As my interest is in writing and sketching, I developed it a bit more by
writing articles to convey my views with everyone. I recently opened an Instagram page to share my
thoughts and post quotes. Intending to help, I post job recruitment opportunities and online courses
that are available on my Instagram stories. I wish to do my bit in creating awareness through my
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This is my first article on Reading books versus E-reading – Which is better?


Reading books – [ps2id id=’reading-books’ target=”/]

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads
lives only one.”

– George R.R. Martin

Reading books is learning from the pieces of paper which deliver all the emotions of the author
directly to the readers. All the information regarding the topics discussed, stories, articles, etc., will
exactly be presented in the books. Reading books is a part of life for everyone from childhood. As we study through books, we gain knowledge from it. It is proven that we all read books. Books are available
in the libraries, shops, institutions we can buy or hire to read or learn from books.


E-reading – [ps2id id=’e-reading’ target=”/]

“E-reading shouldn’t be a casual joy ride on a Sunday afternoon with the cruise
control engaged. The sole purpose of eLearning is to teach.”

 – Christopher Palm

E-learning is learning through any type of gadget. It is a digital form. I feel that we cannot perceive the
emotions conveyed by the author through E-books. As far as it is easy and precise, it is liked by

E-learning is accessed by everyone across the globe. Even though it is easy to handle, all the relevant
information may not be presented on it.

E-reading is reading the information gathered from all the authors and writers regarding a topic of our
choice from the internet. So we can get two or more answers for every topic we search on it. From
children to adults everyone can do E-reading from their home itself.


Which one is better? [ps2id id=’which-one-is-better’ target=”/]

Some recommend reading books is the best and the others recommend E-reading is better. According to
me, both are unique and best in their ways. Reading books can make you look at the world from a
different perspective. It improves your patience and makes you emphatic. Hereby I recommend reading
books is the best.

People’s choice – [ps2id id=’people-choice’ target=”/]

The Majority of the people prefer E-learning over traditional learning, as it saves time and money. The
rate of book readers is comparatively less to E-readers. Through this, we understand the choice that
readers make.

E-learning has become hugely popular as many prefer purchasing e-books rather than paperbacks as it
costs less. Through Elearning, one can obtain the information immediately.

Pros of reading books – [ps2id id=’pros-and-cons’ target=”/]

• Improves memory, creativity, and imagination skills.
• Lowers stress level.
• Improves patience.
• Gives the skill of developing innovative ideas.
• Improves vocabulary.

Pros of E-Learning –

• Helps in easy learning. • Lower cost.
• You can learn whatever you want.
• Saves time.
• Easily accessible by everyone.

Disadvantages of Reading books –

• Cost is more comparatively.
• It requires more time.
• Leads to lack of sleep.
• Lacks face-to-face communication.

Disadvantages of E-Reading –

• Strain on the eyes.
• Not all information is true.
• No requirement of self-discipline and self-direction.
• Lacks a sense of community.

Which improves skills? [ps2id id=’which-improves-skills’ target=”/]

Reading books are helpful to improve our skills. The habit of learning something new, patience,
memory, improved vocabulary can be gained through reading books only. E-reading just helps to save
time. So I would recommend reading books to make yourself a better person.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit

– C.S. Lewis


Conclusion – [ps2id id=’conclusion’ target=”/]

Hereby I conclude that in recent years the rate of book readers has gone low. That is because people
have become lazy and they desire instant information. I recommend everyone to read books and gain
more knowledge. Also, encourage your friends and family to read books. Let us be the reason to create
the process of increasing book readers, so the future generation will cultivate them.


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  1. This is indeed true… e-learning has made way for connecting individual information of the learners… But when it comes to e-reading and books I guess books let us get into more comfortable zone….loved ur work

  2. Both has there own uniqueness, one cannot be compared to other coz all can’t spend money in books and some can’t spend money in electronics, it’s according to viewers are readers my choice is books . We can share more abt it and we can know each and every details given by the author and also we can leave in that role for few moments r till we read tat book ,but in e-book we miss that small detailing which is most important

  3. Yes i agree and even i choose reading books are good comparing with e learning infact i guess many don’t prefer e-learning bcz reading books not only gives knowledge, to be frank we live in tht characters ❤️
    Good one out darloo

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