P.S I Still Love You is the second book in To All The boys series.

As a tradition, Lara jean visits her grandmother on the New Years eve. She has a letter, she wrote for Peter Kavinsky. This is an apology letter, her way of making things right. As the Family’s new year party ends , she gets down at Peters house on her way back home. At first Peter plays hard to get but eventually melts as he reads the letter. They patch up and agree to a new contract, to never break each other’s heart and to always speak the truth.

Just when things get better for Lara jean, a new drama begins. Her most private and  romantic moment with Peter in the hot tub during the ski trip is no longer private. Someone had taped it and sent it to an Instagram page. Peter handles the situation well and makes sure they remove the video off the page. Lara jean suspects Gen would have sent the video but she has no proof.

 But, Who would have the heart to do such a hateful thing to Lara jean and Peter ?

A blast from the past, Lara Jean’s middle school crush, John Ambrose McClaren writes a mail back to Lara. Soon, they become pen pals.Lara jean starts to work at Belleview. She teaches scrap booking for old people. One of the senior resident, Stormy happens to be Johns great Grandma.

Even though Peter and Lara jean are dating , peter continues to be friends with Gen, She feels Gen is trying to ruin their relationship. Peter knows something about Gen and he is helping her through it, but Lara jean worries if there is something more than just that. Her doubts and suspicion creates problems between peter and her.

Lara Jean hosts a time capsule party in a treehouse, where they used to play when they were small. She invites John, Trevor, Chris and Peter, Everyone except Gen. But Gen anyways comes to the party with Peter. They all kept their most prized possessions in a time capsule, they were going to dig it out and take it back.

They also play a game, they used to play as kids. Assassins, to tag the players out. The winner gets to demand a wish from anyone. Lara jean wants to win it badly this time. She has never won. Things get rough between Peter and Lara Jean because of Gen. Meanwhile, John confesses his feelings for Lara jean. He is this perfect guy with all love for Lara jean.

Lara jean is in love with both the guys, Peter and John. Peter gets possessive as John tries to get close with Lara jean. Lara Jean takes the assassins game very seriously, it’s finally down to her and Gen. While Lara jean follows Gen to tag her out, she finds a huge secret about her. It answers all her doubts.

On her 17th birthday, she is put in a situation where she has to choose between Peter and John. 

Will Lara Jean pick John over Peter ? What is that dark secret of Gen? To know that, read the book. ❤️❄️

My views 

I enjoyed the book as much as I did for the first one.This book begins exactly where the first book ends. The authors writing style is really good.  P.S. I Still Love You is a light read. A lot of serious social topics were discussed in am easy way, not putting any pressure on the reader. That is something I really enjoyed. 

Something I loved was how the daughters try to set their dad on dates, they feel their dad needs some love in his life too. Humour is great. Character development is amazing. Lara Jean is little bit matured in this book and she come out from her comfort zone. Broken friendships and missed chances are discussed in PS I Still Love You

Overall a great read ❤️

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TITLE – P.S. I Still Love You

AUTHOR – Jenny Han

GENRE –  Young Adult Fiction


PUBLISHER – Simon and Schuster

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