Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh book review 

Can love Happen Twice is a sequel to I Too had a love story. After the heartbreaking demise of Khushi, Ravin’s life becomes meaningless. Everyone wanted to know how Ravin dealt with such a huge loss. What did Ravin do with his whole life fallen apart?

The answers for all those questions is in the book Can love Happen twice. It is valentines day and at Chandigarh Ravin and his best friends Happy, Manpreet and Amardeep were invited at the radio station to speak on his first book’s success and how was Ravin after his loss.

Ravin did not turn up at the radio station and his friends start to unfold the truth of Ravins state and his life after he lost Khushi. They read out Ravin’s life at Belgium, where he took an on-site job for change of surroundings and people. Although he was reminded of Khushi often.

At Belgium Ravin notices a young chirpy Indian girl, Simar. She is a rich spoilt playful girl.Simar is an MBA student who resides close to Ravins office. Destiny makes Ravin bump into Simar wherever he goes. He meets her at the sandwich shop during his lunch break. They start to have small conversations and she had come to Ravin’s place on his birthday. They found themselves getting closer to each other.

Before making a move ahead Ravin gives Simar his book. He hands over the book because Simar had to know Ravin’s past before falling in love with him. Simar read ‘I too had a love story’ and she gets very emotional. Simar feels if he could love his immortal love this much, how much love could he give her.

Ravin and Simar fall madly in love. She teaches him cute stuff like how to butterfly kiss and gives him feathers which had reasons. After few months Ravin had to return back to India. The distance only increased their love.

When Simar returns to India, Ravin meets her parents who are very rich and high in status. They give a yes to their love only on certain conditions. Simar wants to live at Belgium alone with Ravin whereas Ravin wants to take care of his parents. She wants him to leave his job and join her fathers business.

 She becomes very adamant with her wishes. Although Ravin tries to convince her she stands on one foot. This gave way to many arguments and fights. Irony was simar broke up with Ravin on the same day Khushi  passed away. With both his love stories coming to an end, Ravin got into depression and was admitted at rehabilitation hospital. 

After hearing Ravins story on the Radio, Simar called his friends.

Will she realise her mistakes? Will she help Ravin to fight his depression?

Things didn’t work between the two of them, because they loved the same person. He loved her and she loved herself 

Ravinder Singh, Can Love Happen Twice.

My Views.

Making a sequel might not always turn out positive. I too had a love story was a touching book and he could have just left the end to the readers imagination rather than writing this book. I felt there were lots of fillers, the author dragged the book.

 After a beautiful character like Khushi in his first book, it was sad to see the characterisation of Simar was below average. The love Ravin shared with Simar was mostly physical not anything like his past love.The language used is again colloquial and poor

To be honest, If you really want to know what happened to Ravin after Khushi’s demise read Can love Happen Twice.

“Love, like life, is so insecure. It moves in our lives and occupies its sweet space in our hearts so easily. But it never guarantees that it will stay there forever. Probably that’s why it is so precious.” 

― Ravinder Singh, Can Love Happen Twice.

TITLE –  Can Love Happen Twice ?

AUTHOR – Ravinder Singh 

GENRE – Romance fiction 


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