Book review- Me before You 

Louisa Clark is a 26 year old quirky girl who loses her job at the Cafe which she loves very much and starts once again with a new job as a private care taker with zero Experience in that field. Louisa’s world is very small and with her entire family depending on her Income she has no time to think about herself. 

Louisa Clark is appointed to take care of Will Traynor, a rich handsome man in his 30s. Lou is expected to be more like a friend to him, but he doesn’t let that happen easily.Will Traynor used to be reckless, a free spirit, a successful businessman, And most importantly Will Loved his life until he met with a terrible accident. A motorcycle accident. 

Will’s body lost control. Will is quadriplegic. He Completely lost his legs,very limited use of his arms. Life gets very hard for him.Will tried all adventures before his accident but now his life is confined to the wheel chair and his bed. Will is miserable and very harsh towards Lou.

Louisa is exactly the opposite to him. She is amusing, extremely chatty and has a weird taste in fashion.She tries hard to cheer him up at the beginning, but he doesn’t show any interest.

 As time passed by, Will starts to enjoy Louisa’s presence and her witty behaviour. Will learns a lot about her, although he could not help her physically, he helps emotionally. He encourages her to try new things in her life. He pushes her to step out of her comfort zone, to step out to see the real world and the wide opportunities ahead of her. 

Louisa makes his life colourful once again. Will laughs around her, and now he has something to look forward everyday. Will has made Lou realise all the things she can do with her life. Will made her realise how much more love she deserves than the love she receives from her boyfriend.

Lou overhears something she should not have heard. It breaks her heart. She tries every thing to stop it Happen. She cannot bear to lose him at any cost. Changing peoples mind is the hardest thing to do.

Can Louisa Clark change Will Traynor’s mind? 

My views

I cannot find the right words to describe this book.

I laughed, I blushed, I rolled my eyes, I cried as I read every page in this book. This book is an emotional roller coaster and deserves every appreciation in the world. I cannot find one thing I hate about it. 

I really loved all the characters in the book. Every one had a strong individuality. Louisa’s family was the best. They were so hilarious. The only person who made me roll my eyes all the time was Louisa’s boyfriend Patrick. He never gave her enough attention and was so obsessed with running.

I enjoyed the bond Louisa shared with her sister Treena. The author Jojo Moyes describes sisterhood so beautifully.

All the chapters are written from Louisa’s point of view except for four chapters, which was written from some important side characters view.

The ending is unbearable. I cried so bad. My eyes were blurry for few minutes. The tears just stayed in my eyes as I read the lines. I highly recommend you to read Me before you. 

I realised that we don’t have the choice or chance of having our life planned.It’s already done and accepting it is the only thing left to do.It may not be close to what we expect our lives to be but we have got no choice than accepting it.And sometimes accepting is the hardest thing to do.

Best quotes from the book :

Push yourself. Don’t Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.” 

― Jojo Moyes, Me before you

“You can only actually help someone who wants to be helped.” 

― Jojo Moyes, Me before You

TITLE – Me Before You 

AUTHOR – Jojo Moyes 


PUBLISHER – Michael Joseph 



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