How to be a BAWSE book review


Making her debut as an author, the popular youtuber Lilly Singh talks about the secret behind her success.

This book is a guide to become a BAWSE – a person who exhibits confidence, fights through the struggles and achieve their goals no matter what.

This book is about the steps leading to where she is right now, and how she became a BAWSE. It also contains bright and vibrant shots of the author. She talks about the different ways to train our mind, to hustle harder to pursue our goals. She talks about the main thing that makes a person a BAWSE – that is leadership qualities. Being a humble person that she is, she talks about the experiences when she met famous people. She explains how to channel our thoughts and make our mind positive. She talks about the importance of maintaining a steady eye contact with the person with whom we speak. She then says that we must always be a good listener. She so tells us that we must always appreciate things and not take things negatively. She also speaks about body posture.  In between the chapters, there is an insight of her life, when she was struggling with depression. She speaks about sorting out priorities so as to achieve the goal. There are also questions at the end of each chapter that reflect our state of mind. The chapters as they go by, make the cogs turn in our brains. Throughout the chapters, she makes sure to motivate people, inspire them and bring the best out of them.

“I know the quotes goes, ‘when one door closes another opens’. But why didn’t anyone ever try opening the closed door? “

-Lilly singh, HOW TO BE A BAWSE. 

In my opinion, this book proves to be an inspiration to many. She gets candid about her life and how she had to go through many struggles to get to the place where she is right now. There are many motivational quotes in there that makes us feel positive. This book surely makes us feel pumped up and want to achieve great things. The quotes all along the chapters make us feel very inspired. We get attached to this book immediately because of how real it is. The struggle she had gone through was real and the way she emerged on the other side victorious makes us feel that goals can be achieved. This book is also humorous and keeps you light hearted.  If her achievements doesn’t inspire you enough, then this book definitely will. She truly is a BAWSE.

“When you need to get your hustle on, be driven by goals, not emotions”

-Lilly Singh, HOW TO BE A BAWSE. 

This book is also available in audio book format.

About the author:

Starting as a youtuber, Lilly Singh has come a long way to being an actress, model, motivational speaker, a writer and now, a television host. She started her YouTube channel in 2005 and her fan base expanded over the years. She focuses her videos to be humorous and relatable. With over 14 million subscribers on her youtube channel, she continues to explore her abilities to inspire people. She has won many awards including Shorty awards in 2016, teen choice awards and people’s choice award.

She is seen as one of the most influential people on the YouTube platform. Apart from being a successful youtuber, she has been appointed as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador. She has visited South Africa to meet students affected by violence in schools.



AUTHOR : Lilly Singh


GENRES : autobiography, humour


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