The stranger trilogy opens with Rivanah getting attacked by a stranger at her boyfriends place. Rivannah Bannerjee is a 21 year old girl from Kolkata who has come to live in Mumbai alone for her new job. 

Rivannah realises she is closely watched by a Stranger. The stranger responds to her through messages and she is stalked to the extent that he responds when spoken.

 Her love story with Ekansh takes a huge turn. Life gets worse for her. It is difficult for a girl to live alone in a new city. Despite knowing some people it is possible to feel lonely. Danny, a growing actor adds colour to her life. Danny and Rivannah hit it off at the beginning. 

The stranger’s messages and notes start increasing. He is no creep longing for love from Rivannah.The stranger tries to bring the good from her but with some conditions. The stranger gives her tasks which she has to do no matter what but also helps her during the worst of times. Sometimes the stranger is her friend and other times her enemy.

Rivannah tries solving the mystery, she leads to finding some hidden stories from her Past. She unfolds the truth.

Rivannah badly wants to find out who the stranger is and what does the stranger want from her? 

The stranger trilogy is a romantic Thriller written by Novoneel Chakraborty. Suspense kept the book alive till the very last page.

It was my first time reading a trilogy, At times I lost patience, I couldn’t wait to find the stranger. Curiosity turned into frustration but The stranger trilogy was indeed an obsessive read. 

Personally, I have to like the protagonist to like a book, as we are going to travel in their perspective throughout. Rivannah is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. She falls for every hot guy and they reciprocate the same feelings for her, which i found not very realistic. She did not like to be blamed or judged but she judged every other character. 

The stranger trilogy being a ROMANTIC thriller, there was intense romance, which could have been told in light manner. The Indian readers do expect the author in such aspects but not all want such description. I found it not Romantic at all when it so explicitly explained and when it was not with one particular guy. 

Other than that, I enjoyed the book. It was not any creepy stranger stalking the protagonist for love but here the stranger shows the good in Rivannah. The talk between the stranger an the protagonist was so philosophical and true. The stranger conveyed beautiful messages.

 It was like a jigsaw puzzle, some lines and chapters made sense only in the end. Few character from book one reappear again, It is difficult to keep the characters engaging throughout the trilogy and the author has done a good job in that case. 

The story of how an innocent loving girl from Kolkata has a complete  change in character after one bad incident in her life but. The stranger constantly asks Rivannah to Know her worth. The stranger asks her to confess her mistakes and even then if the person accepts her,Rivannah would know her worth in that persons life. 

Rivannah’s parents were typical. They wanted her to get married to a bong or to any handsome guy with lots of money. This made me dislike the characters. I enjoyed Tista’s character, Rivannah’s roommate. Her sweet innocent nature made her very beautiful. She came for a short span and won my heart.

Overall, It was gripping and a thrilling read. To know more update about books, follow our Instagram page _gentle_pages_

Best quotes from the stranger trilogy –

“Love is when someone else protects you from your own self.” 

― Novoneel Chakraborty, Marry me stranger.

“Some people will burn your world into ashes and yet the smoke from the singe would still be in love with them.” 

― Novoneel Chakraborty, All your, stranger

“Does love end when a relationship ends? Or does a relationship end because love has ended?

When you had me, you never needed me. Now when you can’t have me, you shouldn’t need me.” 

― Novoneel Chakraborty, Forget me not, stranger.


TITLE – The stranger trilogy

AUTHOR – Novoneel Chakraborty

GENRE – Romantic Thriller

PUBLISHER – Random house

PAGE COUNT – 600 pages.



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