A book is a getaway car to escape reality and I'm always on the loose.


Stalker by Lars Kepler Book Review

Stalker Lars Kepler Book Review   Stockholm’s National Crime Investigation Department receive a video clip of a woman in her own home, completely unaware of being filmed. The police don’t take it seriously until she is found murdered. When the...

the marriage clock

The Marriage Clock – A Disappointing read.

  The marriage clock Zara Raheem Book Review   Leila Abid, a young Muslim American woman strikes a deal with her traditional Indian parents: she will find her future husband in three months, or else they’ll arrange her marriage for her...

The Woman in the Window – A.J.Finn

The Woman in the Window A.J.Finn Book Review     Anna Fox has not left her home for ten months now. She has been living alone in her New York apartment, too scared to step outside. The only connection she has to the real world is through...

the secret history of us

The Secret History of Us Book Review – Jessi Kirby

The Secret History Of Us Book Review   After meeting with a terrible accident, Olivia wakes up in a hospital bed, not remembering how she got there in the first place. She also has no memory of anything from the past four years of her life. She...

the rape trial

The Rape Trial Book Review – Bidisha Ghosal

The Rape Trial      When Avni Rambha accuses Rahul Satyabhagi of rape, little did she know that she would be on the receiving end of hate and backlash. After tampering with the evidence and using political play, Rahul is declared innocent...


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Sonaali Jayakumar

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A book is a getaway car to escape reality and I'm always on the loose.